Melee takes more damage in Path of Exile

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The players how to fight in the melee when they play Path Exile.

When players play melee combat, players must first understand why they are playing a melee role? In melee combat, the player must be closer to the enemy, which means more danger. So in order to reduce damage in melee combat, the player needs a big advantage skill. That advantage must be a huge hurt. Players can buy cheap Poe Currency to give themselves more advantages in melee combat.

Melee characters should actually be able to outperform ranged spells, AoE attacks, etc. Because the distance between the player and the enemy in melee combat is very close, this distance does great damage to the enemy. However, players are also more likely to be attacked by enemies.

But for players, 50% or even 100% increase in melee damage is really worth considering. Because even that sounds like it could drastically change the entire game. Currently, the vast majority of melee buildings do many times less damage than buildings that rely on spells or magic or simple ranged combat, so a massive increase in melee damage doesn't make melee overly powerful.

However, Path of Exile makes more sense considering relying on gear and expensive melee character gear to increase damage. For example, let the melee damage increase nodes increase. Just like they now make the melee damage double, which would be a better solution than increasing the base damage of melee weapons. Players who want to know more about melee combat can go to the Path of Exile service provider(Exalted Orb), where there is a warm and patient service.