Mobile players can now play Lost Ark

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From now on, players can play Lost Ark on mobile.

From now on, players can play Lost Ark on mobile. Lost Ark is outstanding and free, which is why many people are playing it. But on PC only, the game is still exclusive to Steam, and many players will also buy enough Lost Ark Gold to give themselves a better gaming experience. And now players can play it on their phones, which is actually pretty easy to do.

Players can play Lost Ark on mobile thanks to GeForce Now. If gamers don’t know about GeForce Now, it’s a game streaming service that lets them stream games to several different devices, including iOS and Android mobile devices. The game must be officially available on the service, and Lost Ark has just been added!

If players want to play Lost Ark on mobile, they will need to install the GeForce Now app from the Google Playstore (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS), then log in to their GeForce ID or create a new account, add their GeForce account Link to their Steam account, finally click on Lost Ark and start playing.

This is how players can play Lost Ark on mobile. GeForce Now is an amazing service, and if players have a good enough internet connection, they don’t need a gaming PC to play brilliant games like Lost Ark. Developer Smilegate and publisher Amazon seem willing to bring the game to consoles, but that may be a while off.

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