Lost Ark Engravings Guide

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We take a look at Engravings in Lost Ark, covering the basics of how they work, how you get them, and how you should use them.

Lost Ark Engravings are passive effects that add additional bonus traits to your character’s combat class properties. In simple words, there are special power boosts for your character. But it is one of the most confusing elements new players are finding hard to grasp. So to help you get better in your game, here’s our Lost Ark Engravings Guide.

Engravings will be unlocked in Lost Ark while following the main story quests after you reach level 27. If you are playing in order, this usually unlocks when you “Speak with Thirain” during “A Kingdom Reclaimed” quest. This quest starts right after completing the “To the Glorious Wall” quest. Then you can press the ALT+I button to bring up the Engravings menu. You will see most of them locked and greyed out. To unlock more Engravings, you will need to read in-game Engraving Recipe Books. This will allow you to apply Custom Engraving to your character.

Here’s our list of all normal Lost Ark Engravings:

Adrenaline – Increased ATK, stacks for critical
Awakening – Decrease Awakening skill refill time
Barricade – Extra ATK to enemies when shielded
Broken Bone – More damage to staggered enemies
Champion’s Tenacity – Deal more damage if HP is less than 50%
Contender – Extra ATK after slaying any enemy
Crisis Evasion – Turn invincible heal
Crushing Fist – Skip defenses of staggered enemies
Cursed Doll – Increase ATK with reduced healing
Disrespect – Deal extra damage to enemies with 30% health
Divine Protection – 20% Divine Protection chance
Drops of Ether – You may get Ether while attacking
Emergency Rescue – Get shield if HP 30% when attacked
Enhanced Shield – Transfer Status effects damage to your shields
Ether Enhancement – Ethers once equipped
Explosive Expert – Carry extra explosive item
Fast Speed – Get extra holding casting skills damage and speed
Fortitude – Reduced damage intake
Grudge – Deal extra damage to boss enemies
Heavy Armor Equipment – Boost defenses
Increased Max MP – Get more MP max cap
Keen Blunt Weapon – Get critical damage with 20% less damage
Lightning Fury – 60% chance to get lightning orbs
Magick Stream – Regain MP when not attacked
Master Brawler – Increased Head ATK Damage
Master of Ambush – Back attacks deal more damage
Mass Gain – Extra ATK Power, with 10% reduced ATK Speed
Master of Escape – Decrease total stand up action cooldown
Master of Strikes – Increase ATK damage (except back front attacks)
MP Regen – Additional MP regeneration
Necromancy – Summon soldiers to fight for you
Precision Dagger – Decrease Crit damage with increased Crit rate
Preemptive Strike – Get crit against Challenge or lesser enemies
Propulsion – Extra Skill damage (except Awakening skill)
Raid Captain – Extra percentage of ATK, proportional to your Move Speed
Shield Piercing – Deal more damage to Shields
Specialist – Extra Shield and HP recovery for whole Party (including self)
Spirit Absorption – Atk or Speed Buff
Stabilized Status – Extra damage when health over 80%
Strong Will – Take less damage when Pushed
Super Charge – Decrease skill recharge time
Vital Point Strike – More effective Stagger attacks

Also, each Engraving you have equipped has three tiers. Each tier gives you a more powerful version of the Engraving. For example, Robust Spirit, one of the Soulfist Engravings, causes you to go straight into your strongest power-up. At level one, the Engraving increases your damage by 10% while in this more powerful form. At level two, it increases your damage by 20%. And at level three, it increases your power-up damage by 30%.

To reach higher levels of an Engraving, you need to access more nodes. Each Engraving has its nodes. You need to fill a level to access the Engravings power completely. So, five nodes give you level one, 10 nodes give you to level two, and 15 nodes give you to level three.

Now, let’s talk about different ways to add nodes to your equipped Engravings. Ability stones are acquired through dungeons and guardian raids and come with random engravings on them. These items may be found everywhere across Arkesia and can be equipped to access several Engraving nodes. Once you facet them, you can get anywhere between 0 and 9 nodes to a specific engraving depending on the stone’s rarity.

Accessories roll with engravings on them as well: Necklaces, Earrings, and Rings. This is the best way to fill out one or two points you need to hit a 5,10, or 15 point threshold. Unlocking higher tiers of your Engravings to equip in your two Engraving slots will give you the most nodes.

The whole system seems complex at the start. However, it’s simple to understand and plan your build once you learn the basics of the engravings.

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