Lost Ark server undergoes weekly maintenance one day in advance

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Because of the holiday in Korea, it was a day earlier than usual.

Because of the holiday in Korea, it was a day earlier than usual. As Lork Ark players continue to discover new content introduced in the last major patch, many players have enough Lost Ark Gold, but are still annoyed by various bugs in the game. Weekly maintenance is being rolled out to improve player experience and fix various bugs in the game.

According to the developers, it launched the most recent maintenance on May 4 and will last about 7 hours. So it should end at 9AM ET. Players can verify the server status on the game’s official website. Now it seems to fix some annoying bugs in the game.

And the maintenance will also introduce weekly updates of the live server, mainly including bug and bug fixes. The developers say they are still completing and testing the game version for their May content update. They plan to release this update no earlier than the third week of May, and will continue to keep players informed of their progress.

The upcoming major update in May is bound to introduce the Destroyer class. According to the games community manager, many details are still being discussed, such as rolling out a new Powerpass similar to what Glaivier introduced. The developers will share content updates in the coming weeks. If players want to know more, they can follow IGGM.