Lost Ark will brings Legion Raid and more

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Lost Ark is in an interesting position.

Lost Ark is in an interesting position. It’s an MMO hack and slash that made its debut in the West very popular earlier this year, but has been launching in South Korea since 2019. That means there’s a ton of existing endgame content for its developers to decide when it’s appropriate to bring it to the Western release.

They decided the time was this month. In Lost Ark’s post, they stated that after watching closely with Smilegate RPG, they believe the player base has reached the level of items needed to take part, and believe this is the right time.

Therefore, they will introduce the first “Legion Raid” in the Western version of Lost Ark. The first Legion raid is Valtan, an eight-player team battle that includes two checkpoint profess to save the player. Players will need to be level 1415 to try it on Normal difficulty, or level 1445 to try it on Hardmode. Valtan Assault also introduces “Relic” rarity level gear. So players can prepare enough Lost Ark Gold to upgrade their item level.

The May update will also add Deskaluda, a new Guardian raid copy that requires item level 1415, and a new Destroyer advanced class. Destroyers’ abilities focus on “slowing, launching, pushing and pulling” enemies.

Players can get more information on the official website, the update will roll out in May, and they can buy enough Lost Ark Gold at IGGM to be well prepared. Now it’s also giving away 6% free gold with every order. Come on!