What are the specific classifications of dust extractor filter cartridges?

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In the whole process of the company's usual development trend, the more confusing problem is the dust problem. Dust in the production workshop will not only seriously harm the physical and mental health of employees, but also harm the productivity of the processing plant, cause damage to the rights and interests of the processing plant, and be detrimental to the development of the company. If the dust problem is not properly handled, it will lead to very serious adverse effects in the future processing process. Therefore, ash removal in the production workshop is a very critical stage and must be paid attention to. When carrying out ash removal, the applied machinery and equipment, including dust extractor filter cartridges.

Different customers have different requirements for dust collector equipment. At this stage in the sales market, there are many types of dust collector equipment sold in the market. For many customers, they can choose more suitable dust collector equipment according to their specific requirements, so as to consider the company's development needs. Therefore, there will be customer inquiries about the actual classification of dust extractor filter cartridges. What are the relative characteristics? is the main problem to be considered.

Including mechanical equipment force, cleaning type, filter type, electrostatic induction, magnetic field dust removal equipment, etc., and in the application, the relevant characteristics and advantages must be established. Foot-type dust collector equipment, including force dust collector equipment, inertial force dust collector equipment, suction filter dust collector equipment and other related types. In contrast, the key is to use the basis of mechanical design to collect and solve the dust in the gas.

Cleaning type dust extractor filter cartridges, including water bath type dust collector equipment, foam type dust collector equipment, water film type dust collector equipment and other related types. Its key principle is to eliminate dust by means of sprayers and showers, so as to ensure the actual effect of elimination and improve the ecological environment of the assembly workshop.

dust extractor filter cartridges https://www.kaisenfilter.com/Filter-Cartridges