RuneScape - If a creature is weak to stab and range

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Is the barrows set special designed to rs3 gold only be used if you own the whole set? Do you have any other activity you'd think is worthwhile to do and is fun? As for slaying, I've heard that the Cannon can be attacked and it can also be attacked. Should I take one to each task? What will my inv. look like to slayer? What should my inv./gear look like for the barrows (Black sallies) How will I do it? It is better to range than melee Ahrims/Karils? Do you have a guideline for sallies? How exactly do I do them? Should I sell my claws for money and equipment? If I want to kill green dragons also known as bots of the green dragon... what's the best way?

How/what do I hybrid with in a safe minigame? White FFA... Are there any good combinations? W/o ancients. Just looking to have fun. I know how to make the rift bot's skull, but what do I do with the more powerful bots? Do I summon something around the level 15 summoning level for Slay-related tasks?

Do I need to change helms each time I switch my look? (Like Berserker to Archer to Farseer) What gear do I purchase? (Like pots, etc.) Food, any armor? I'd like to stock up appropriately as I'm hoping to be able to slay as much as possible. What should my slaying. look like? Shield for when ranging? Obby or Defender? Granite?

If a creature is weak to stab and range. Can I still range him even if I do not have a weapon to stab or can crush work just as well? Thorny snail vs Granite crab? Regen vs combat brace for slayer? Do I prefer melee or range dragons using my statistics? Are there any multipurpose rings? Mage/range/melee?

At 60, pray for chivalry, is it difficult to acquire? Do you want claws, or Fury? With Fury, I can even have some spare money. Do you have any monsters I can grind on that I can gain from? Shield for the p2p mage? Staff for p2p mage? 1K Blue drags vs slaying? Any bosses I can take on? Is it worth the torso? I'm 50-50 on it. Where do I find a team with fire cape osrs whom I can GWD with?